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All in one Solar Box

Unlocking clean energy, Solar Box leads the future


No matter where you are, no matter what situation you face, Solar Box is your reliable energy partner, providing you with clean and convenient energy solutions.

Do you want to install a solar home system but do not know how to choose specifications and install? You searched on the Internet and consulted many installers but still don’t know which one is right. If yes, Blue Carbon Solar Box is coming. You can choose 1kw, 5kw or 10kw solar box based on the electricity you use each day. If you need more, don’t worry. All the above solar box can be connected in parallel without limitation. When you get it, it’s easy to install. There’s installation manual and video. You can install solar panel and batteries on the ground, at your balcony or on your roof and put the socket at your house, then plug your home appliances. It will work automatically. Unbelievably? You can have a try. What’s more, after install Blue Carbon Solar Box, you will not stand unstable electricity or pay electricity bill any more.

Solar Box
All In One Solar Box
All In One Solar Box
All In One Solar Box

Do you desire to have a villa at rural village to enjoy your holidays? However, considered there’s no electricity, you are hesitated. If yes, Blue Carbon Solar Box is your great choice. It integrates generation-storage-application which is a photovoltaic storage DC micro power grid. Where there’s sunshine, there’s power grid. Sunlight is infinite and free, we can use the coverage of sunlight to replace the coverage of power grid. With Blue Carbon Solar Box, you can use DC electricity anywhere you want, no any limitations of power grid or wires at all.


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