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Solar Sentry 5400 Lumens Crossbow Streetlight

Solar Sentry 5400 Lumens Crossbow Streetlight stands out with its distinctive crossbow design, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. It not only illuminates your streets but also adds a touch of modern elegance to your community. What makes it truly exceptional is its integration of “Blue Carbon” technology, a groundbreaking approach to carbon reduction.

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Crossbow Solar Streetlight – Illuminating Sustainability with Blue Carbon


Solar Sentry 5400 Lumens  Crossbow Streetlight, Elevate your community’s lighting infrastructure to a new level of excellence with the Crossbow Solar Streetlight, a paradigm of sustainable innovation that brilliantly combines cutting-edge technology and eco-consciousness. Our solar streetlight, boasting an astounding 5400 lumens of radiant illumination, is more than just a lighting solution; it’s a beacon of hope for a brighter, cleaner, and more environmentally responsible world.

Warranty:10 yearsWorking Humidity:≤90RH%
Place of Origin:Shandong, ChinaColor Temperature:3000-6500k
Model Number:BCT-OLC2.0Light Pole Diameter:60-65mm
Solar Panel:120WSolar Panel Charging Time(Sun):8 hours
Battery(Built-in):3.2V/70(±5)AhSolar Panel Charging Time(Rain):3-5 days
Battery Type:LiFePO4 BatteryWorking Time:≥12 hours
Luminous Flux:5400lmStorage Temperature:0-55℃
Installation Height:8-10mWaterproof Grade: lp65
Installation Distance:40-50mPacking Size:657×292×138mm
Lighting Time:6+X/Intelligent power control




Solar Sentry 5400 Lumens Crossbow Streetlight

Design Excellence with a Touch of Modern Elegance

The Crossbow Solar Streetlight stands out in more ways than one. Its unique crossbow design seamlessly marries form with function, effortlessly illuminating your streets while adding a touch of modern elegance to your community.

The Power of “Blue Carbon” Technology

What truly sets this streetlight apart is the integration of revolutionary “Blue Carbon” technology, a pioneering approach to carbon reduction. This technology takes the concept of sustainability to a whole new level by actively participating in carbon sequestration, in addition to efficient energy use.

Harnessing Solar Energy for a Brighter Tomorrow

By harnessing the potent power of the sun, the high-efficiency solar panel, perched gracefully atop the Crossbow Solar Streetlight, captures and converts solar energy during daylight hours. This energy is thoughtfully stored in a high-capacity battery, ensuring consistent and reliable illumination throughout the night, even when clouds obscure the sun.

Smart and Efficient Lighting

The advanced motion sensors are a testament to its intelligence. They dynamically adjust brightness levels in response to pedestrian and vehicular activity, conserving energy when unneeded and illuminating brightly when motion is detected. “Blue Carbon” technology optimizes energy consumption, making this streetlight an environmentally conscious choice for your community.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

The Crossbow Solar Streetlight features an intuitive smart control system, granting you the power to remotely monitor and customize its settings. You can easily adjust brightness, set schedules, and track energy savings from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. This ensures that the lighting aligns perfectly with your community’s unique requirements.

Built to Last and Weather the Elements

Our commitment to longevity is evident in the choice of durable, weather-resistant materials used in the construction of the Crossbow Solar Streetlight. This streetlight is designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions while adhering to all local regulations and safety standards, ensuring safety and peace of mind for your community.

A Pledge to Environmental Stewardship

By choosing the Crossbow Solar Streetlight with “Blue Carbon” technology, you’re not just investing in advanced lighting; you’re making a powerful statement for environmental stewardship. This product helps reduce your community’s carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and elevate safety and aesthetics with an eco-conscious streetlight.

Experience the Brilliance of 54000 Lumens, Aesthetics in Design, and Environmental Responsibility

Experience the brilliance of 5400 lumens, the elegance of design, and the sustainability of “Blue Carbon” technology with the Crossbow Solar Streetlight. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more energy-efficient, and safer future for your community, with the added commitment to preserving our precious blue carbon ecosystems. Illuminate your streets and your values with the Crossbow Solar Streetlight – where sustainability meets brilliance


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