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Solar Simplify Light Future of Outdoor Illumination

Solar Simplify Light is equipped with 128 high-quality LED beads, ensuring powerful and uniform illumination across your outdoor area. Whether it’s your garden, driveway, or backyard, this light will effectively brighten up the space

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Sustainable outdoor illumination

Solar Simplify Light, a beacon of sustainable lighting innovation designed for factory environments. Powered by advanced Blue Carbon technology, this solar lighting solution not only enhances visibility in your factory but also underscores your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Warranty: 10 years Working Humidity: ≤90RH%
Place of Origin: Shandong, China Color Temperature: 3000-6500k
Model Number: BCT-OLJ Light Pole Diameter: 60-65mm
Solar Panel: 5V/60W (Mono) Solar Panel Charging Time(Sun): 8 hours
Battery(Built-in): 3.2V/25(±5)Ah Solar Panel Charging Time(Rain): 3-5 days
Battery Type: LiFePO4 Battery Working Time: ≥12 hours
Luminous Flux: 3000lm Storage Temperature: 0-55℃
Installation Height: 5-6m Waterproof Grade:  lp65
Installation Distance: 20-25m Packing Size: 511×210×89mm
Lighting Time: 6+X/Intelligent power control


  1. Eco-Friendly Factory Illumination: Step into a more sustainable future with our Solar Simplify Light, an eco-conscious lighting solution that harnesses the power of the sun to illuminate your factory. This green approach reduces your carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  2. Blue Carbon Technology: Our solar lighting system is equipped with state-of-the-art Blue Carbon technology, reflecting our dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and materials. By choosing this product, you’re supporting a cleaner, greener world.
  3. Factory-Optimized Efficiency: The Solar Simplify Light is tailored for factory settings, delivering efficient, reliable, and brilliant illumination where it’s needed most. Enhance productivity, safety, and overall operations in your facility.
  4. Cost-Efficient Operation: Say goodbye to high energy costs with this solar-powered lighting solution. It eliminates the need for traditional electricity, offering substantial long-term savings for your factory.
  5. Robust and Resilient: Designed to withstand the demands of factory environments, this lighting solution offers rugged performance even in challenging conditions, ensuring that your facility remains well-lit and operational at all times.
  6. Environmental Responsibility: By choosing the Solar Simplify Light with Blue Carbon technology, you’re not only improving your factory’s lighting but also making a significant contribution to sustainability. This choice reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes energy waste.

Illuminate your factory

with the eco-conscious brilliance of the Solar Simplify Light. Choose a lighting solution that enhances efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in your facility. Light up your workspace while making a powerful statement for a cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient future.


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